Web Video for Business

We can shoot and edit a commercial like the samples shown below and help you find creative ways market your products or services. Websites, multimedia, and television are some of the more common means of distribution. We take time to make sure you get an ad that will make the best use of the ad time you buy.  Since air time is free on the internet, we can make a longer video as well showing more about your company and the people who run it.

“Kurt not only has an amazing talent to film a video, but he also has the keen sense and the creative ability to communicate the essence of who we are and convey our message.  You get true value from Drop Frame Productions.” Lise Meyer-Kobussen  – Meyer Insurance

“One of our projects had to be done within an extremely short timeframe and Kurt pulled us through it with flying colors. We met our trade show deadline. Kurt is a wizard with video-editing, completing projects in a timely manner, and minimizing the cost necessary to complete your projects. And a joy to work with!” Sonja – Nordic Group

“I get tons of compliments on the ads you have done for us and I am so grateful that I found you.” Cranberry Carrie